Introducing: Light Seeker


Hello and salutations. I go by Light Seeker. I am a 30 something returning transfer student from the state of California, in pursuit of my BA in Sociology here at NYU SPS. As a fresh arrival to New York, I look forward to venturing the streets and boroughs of this great state and the heart of its metropolis in search for a deeper understanding and insight into the cross-cultural mesh of its populace. Hopefully, the merit of doing this will allow me to gain a new found knowledge and cultural acuity that will inform and cultivate my world view. In doing so, lies the potential I seek, to open my eyes to things unseen by the blinders of my own “learned” experiences.
I have varied intellectual and topical interests such as: religion and current affairs, exploration and nature, and the philosophies of man and his identity to the self, universe, and God. I must admit, I am both relieved and inspired to have finally arrived at the point of creating a personal blog. I’ve been mulling over the idea of creating one, long before enrolling into this Social Media course. I guess I finally got the push I needed! As part of the curriculum, I really have no other choice in the matter but to embrace and exercise this new type of medium…and I tell you, I’m glad for it!
I believe this course will endow me with a respective introduction to the skills and tools necessary for me to navigate and utilize the social media forums as a way to apply, express, and discover my voice through the use of the World Wide Web. Although, I would be remiss not to say, that at first I had my reservations about treading into the Social Media realm and sharing my personal thoughts. Who knows what lies out there…it’s an unpredictable animal constantly; and to some degree you are exposed. But at this point in my life, I have a stronger need to explore, to say something, to share, and to learn from others… so I am ready to dive in! Besides, I think with the reality of a fast evolving Earth whose interconnectedness is mostly dependent on technology and globalization, it is better to be adaptive to this new world language, then to suffer our ability to evolve within the new global culture, because of our own ignorance. Change is constant and the use of technology in its many facets and forms is an all too real budding landscape of our current civilization. With that said, my only experience of social media up to this point, has been my seldom appearances and use of my Facebook account and the development of an educational project video that was posted on YouTube. So I look forward in this course, to channeling the use of some of these social media forums as a way to have an open dialogue with a global community that could potentially heighten and enrich my personal outlook and lifestyle, while aiding my efforts to better understand this global phenomenon, known as social media and how I can benefit from it.


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